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visioning labs

I design customized visioning and innovation labs for organizations and leaders wanting to create intentional, audacious and deliverable visions. I work with mixed media and bring in tools from business and strategy, innovation science, movement and dance, mindfulness and meditation, and conflict transformation. I help clients reflect on their priorities and make better decisions aligned with their values and passions. Sessions could involve helping a new leader visually map his/her campaign of change, or detailing and balancing the “energy budget” of a managerial team, or analyzing the vocabulary of an organization to determine whether words are strengthening alignment or undermining it. I work with public-sector organizations undergoing transformation; companies looking for practical ways to embed lofty values into the depths of their operations; fast-growing startups wary of losing their culture as they scale; and social enterprises pursuing the difficult balance between profit and purpose.

  • Envision | Embody | Enact

    Priya Parker is a visioner, conflict mediator and strategist. She works with organizations and leaders to zero in on their core purpose and build out smarter strategies. Drawing on ten years of work in government, social enterprise and Track II diplomacy in the United States, India and the Middle East, Priya designs visioning and innovation labs that help organizations grow from the root.

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