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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the relationship between living intentionally and living digitally. I think it’s hard and possible. It’s one of the biggest threats I see with clients, both individuals and organizations, to living and working how they say they want to.

Last week I had the great treat to go on Manoush Zomorodi’s WNYC New Tech City show. She invited Vincent Horn, of Buddhist Geeks, and I to speak at the Green Space about digital detoxing for 2014 and how to live purposefully with technology. This opportunity allowed me to clarify some of my own thinking and here’s my current thinking:

  • First figure out how you want to live and work and love and play – and then figure out how technology can make that more possible and not less.
  • Develop a purpose-led relationship to technology, not an invention-led one. Just because Google events a new app in which you can be notified on your phone every single time an email comes in, doesn’t mean you should. That single feature can change your entire experience of a day without you even realizing it.
  • Email is the biggest threat to your sanity. Define your relationship to it. Use away messages more often. Decide when during the day you want to look at it. Don’t use it on weekends if you can possibly avoid it.
  • Create pockets in your week for long, inefficient, unplugged time like reading a full book or going on an #IAmHere Day.

Here’s the full live show and here’s the podcast from this week. Would love to hear your thoughts as well as your latest techniques for living a purposeful digital life.